Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I love me a good buy!

**This post was originally written in May-when I actually did the shopping-it's only taken me a whole summer to finish it**

Last Saturday my awesome partner in crime let me go shopping SANS kids for 2 hours (I could have shopped all day but I needed to get back to nurse little Van)! It was AWESOME! I only went to one thrift store but it didn't matter... because I had no grabby hands touching everything, begging to "get it! get it please!" no baby being sad because he was in the car seat too long! I looked through at least 95% of store. Serious. Because I could. I was feeling really good with my haul and then I got to the dressing room. Let's just say that wasn't my proudest hour, realizing how much baby baggage I still have to lose but I still got some awesome things! 5 out of the 8 tops I got are Banana Republic and I got an amazing J. Crew skirt! I also took some time to look through boy clothes (of course!) and got Mason and Van some great new clothes (and by new I mean some of the were BRAND NEW-tags on and everything)! Here are a couple of my faves:

Banana Republic white sweater navy blue trim ($3)- perfect for an afternoon on a yacht?? Haha in my dreams.

Banana Republic silk top ($5)- Luuuurve this one!

Teal/Aqua linen skirt with vintage like flower ($3). I happened to have a matching flower from H&M ($1) that I've used to put on my necklace while wearing this skirt...super cute!

I am in need of a few more staple pieces in my wardrobe and will hopefully be off for another solo shopping trip this weekend.

ps- did I mention that because I donated a load of stuff before I went in the store that I got a coupon for an additional 20% off?? Woohoo!

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  1. When I get my boat, you and I can sail off together in our dream worlds.