Monday, May 2, 2011

Money Saving Monday- Homemade Soap

Saving $$ Never Smelled So Good!

Homemade soaps. So Green.

Sounds so 19 Kids and Counting or Depression Era but I love saving a buck AND love love the benefits of making my own cleaners to use daily around my house.
Since I have little grabby hands around me all day and teething gums gnawing on everything, I want my home to be as kid friendly as possible.
 About a year ago I found all these ideas online to make your own cleaners and I started with the easiest one: vinegar and water, and have explored different paths until I came to my favorites.

Here are three examples of what I use on a daily basis:

Scouring Powder:
   -Baking soda (I add a few drops of lemon essential oil because I am of the belief that all cleaning supplies should smell like lemon.)
   -Parmesan cheese canister (I buy them at the dollar store)
Uses: sinks, toilets, tile floors, stove tops, etc

All-purpose Disinfecting Spray:    **I USE THIS ONE EVERY DAY** It's about $1.00 a bottle (if not less)!
   -1 Tbs Castile soap (I use Dr. Bronner's. Can be found on Amazon for around $20 for a 32oz bottle and if you're an Amazon Prime member... Free Shipping!) Castile soap is vegetable based and biodegradable.
   -20 or so drops of Tea Tree Oil (a natural antibacterial and antiseptic and can also be found on Amazon for free shipping)
   -2 cups of water
   -Spray bottle (I buy mine at the dollar store)
When I use a large spray bottle I double the recipe and I also add a few drops of lemon essential oil because of my lemon smelling beliefs!

Uses: I mainly use it for my kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Can also be used on walls and floors.

Vinegar and Water:
   -Equal parts water and vinegar, mix in spray bottle.
Uses: I mainly use mine for windows and mirrors. If you have young kids and they like to help like mine do then give them a paper towel and spray a few pumps on a sliding glass window and let them go to town! My little man loves it and the vinegar smell dissipates SO quickly.  Can also be used on hardwood and/or vinyl flooring.

One last $$ saving tip for the day:
 Invest in some Foaming soap dispensers. I have 3, one in each bathroom and the kitchen. They are a little pricey at checkout but once they are gone you can refill them for SUPER cheap. Use a bottle of soap refill (without lotion) and add about 4 Tbs of soap and fill the rest with cold water. Leave enough room for the dispenser head, twist and shake! Viola, more hand soap!

Well littlest man woke up so back to the mommy world!


  1. amanda!
    Thanks for posting this! I'm converted! Gonna start makin my own stuff now too!
    Now if you'll jsut post that recipe you were RAVING about!!!

  2. Chase filled my car windshield cleaner with vinegar and water too. It worked amazing! But whenever I used it the car would fill with vinegar smell... haha.